「The Placenta Family Tree Volume 12」


release from Placenta Recordings



Tabasa - realize (live mix)


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1.Project Born - That's Fucked Up

2.Dan Mason ダン·メイソン - Love at First Sight

3.viivittely - Longing for the future

4.Beelzpurp667 - Gotta get some cap

5.Artyom Slon - Rastrub

6.Tabasa - Realize (Live Mix)

7.Bbomit - PlacentaSingleRemixToeHad

8.いすゞ・ピアッツァ ENTERPRISES - ISUZU PIAZZA - Tokyo Motor Show

9.Owsley - Day Sleeper

10.Birthday House Ltd.™ - ご飯 店先 - S T O R E F R O N T

11.MΔG€N†▲ IN†€RNĔŦ - 生殖 ジャム - 赤いドレス&甘い香り

12.New Shoppe - Somebodyfuckingendmylife

13.BAD MiND - Communion

14.Bollox_tb3 - you're_mind_is_going

15.White Gucci - Above The Clouds

16.Dan Mason ダン·メイソン - Splash!!

17.Tim Gonzalez - i don't know

18.Birthday House Ltd.™ - ピチピチ B E A C H

19.Tim Gonzalez - byon

20.White Gucci - Bread

21.いすゞ・ピアッツァ ENTERPRISES -Isuzu NAVI5 ドライビングロボット

22.Circuit Static - New Horizons

23.Dream Park - 6-00AM - Closing Time-Leaving Dream Park

24.DISMEMBERMENT - Born To Consume

25.Chris Twist - One Way Street

26.Sanyan - Lama Said

27.h8 no.3 - vanity of vanities

28.DUBSTROY - Misión Nintendo

29.Chow Mwng - U L O T - C A

30.Hoffman Leary Overdrive - 1943

31.LO MAS BELLO - suicidal sacrifice (Deicide cover)

32.To Die - Sengkarut Luka

33.Period Bomb - Mujeres Gentiles

34.systemofadon - with a heart full of broken glass

35.qualchan - weaver

36.MC Harb - Laughing Japanese


38.White Gucci - PGA in the 60's


40.CAVIAR RESTOBAR - he is no jackson

41.XOVER - artofwar

42.YoukoHeidy - misaki stereo 2

43.Dental Work - Never Got To Play Diablo 2

44.Endometrium Cuntplow - today the sky was just slightly grey

45.Bullshit Market - Rage Against Is The Bastard

46.Wirephobia - ژاپۆژاو 

47.Beutewaffen - Feline Architectures -part I, II & III-

48.golden hours - rapid fiery action

49.Menso Noise - pinche trump

50.Hari Maia - Today!

51.arcano18 - caosofia

52.golden hours - silverface loser

53.Andrew Bunny - Spectre


55.Wirephobia - Talking Violins

56.Краб-рыбакKrab-rybakCRABFISHERMAN - Rostova

57.Farmacia + Loran - ___________ (La cifra)

58.Sid Yiddish - Penniless And Depressed Down Main Street USA

「Midnight Radio Compilation 75」

release from Midnight Radio


(tabasa / 祈り inori)

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track list

1.tabasa - 祈り inori

2.Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Virgil Enzinger - Havona Destroyer

3.Øystein Jørgensen - Other one

4.Rik Johnson - A Day When We're Not Too Sick

5.Wiesolator & Lutz Thuns - Timeless

6.Phrozenlight - Midnight Dream

7.Age of No - Electrical Weather Poem

8.MyklH - Hypnotic

9.William Hooper - The Eucharist & The Locust

10.Kiew Aspirin- N - Sommerbrise


12.Reflex Condition - find your head

13.Arzathon - Indigenous (Cries From The Wilderness)

14.Mind.Divided - Six Feet Beneath Me

15.Cousin Silas - In The Stillness

16.Ignacio Cantú - Dos copas con agua

17.Ambientium - October Noon -single-

18.Alerick Project - No Way Out

19.Noston - Modular World

20.DigitalSlumberParty - Another Late Night

「Midnight Radio Compilation 74」

release from Midnight Radio


(tabasa - realize mix 2)

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track list

1.Eisenlager and Leon - Father and Son

2.DigitalSlumberParty - Synthesizer Sympathizer

3.Alerick Project - Urban Legend

4.Reflex Condition - Watching You

5.Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Björn Torwellen - Paradise inside the Kursk

6.Hyaena Fierling - Atra Mater Vigilans

7.LisaWars - Schlafen

8.numbsilence - trip of drone(Devi)3 - excerpt

9.tabasa - realize mix 2

10.Ian Haygreen - Love at the End of the Tunnel (of Love)

11.W:I:L - lost ends

12.Sandspace - Thaw

13.Ningen Kiki - Raining Puddle

14.Cousin Silas - Architectural Sutures

15.Noston - Funky Jazzy

16.Ignacio Cantú - Un vestido negro

17.Ambientium - Cloudster Fakes -single-

18.Mind.Divided - Filled With Dreams

19.Arzathon - Fierce Buzzing

20.Eagle - Morning Prayer